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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Wednesday, August 1, 2012 – Thorpe and Dovedale

Fire Safety
The plate affixed to the hallway door outside our room reads “Fire Door.  Keep Shut.”  Presumably that doesn’t include times when people are passing through it.  Perhaps an exception also applies when the door is propped open by a fire extinguisher.   I don’t have a lot of experience with hotel fires, so I wasn’t sure if I should close the door.  So I didn’t.

Firing Safety

I also don’t have a lot of experience with being fired at, but I took this sign and the adjacent flag seriously. 

Red Flag Warning

Any doubts I had about the flag were removed upon hearing gunfire from the top of the hill we had planned to climb.  Going around the hill seemed like a better idea.  So did going back to our room and hiding under the bed covers, but we soldiered on, circumnavigating the hill, with the sound of gunfire resonating around us.
The Hills are Alive with ...
These are the sorts of hills better suited for the sound of music than the sound of gunfire. 

Janet Being Stile-ish

Leaving the gunfire behind, we entered the valley of the River Dove – or as known locally, Dovedale.  A good trail follows the river for approximately 3 miles in a park-like setting.  I walked the trail last year with Mick and Gayle, and knew Janet would enjoy it – especially if we didn’t get shot.

Log with coins

Along the trail we came across several logs into which literally hundreds of coins had been hammered.  I wonder what motivates people to hammer coins into a log – but then I also wonder what motivates people to toss coins into a wishing well.  Maybe the people who passed by the log were wishing they wouldn’t get shot, too.

(c) 2012 Ken Klug

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  1. Glad you managed to survive a possible hotel fire, a red flag warning, and gun fire. Janet does, indeed, look stile-ish. Since she has now climbed over a stile, she must now be an official LEJOGer. I've lost track, but think she had 7 miles before, then the (unappreciated) 14 miles, and has now added 3 more miles.