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Sunday, August 12, 2012

August 12, 2012 – Pitlochry to Forres

With some regret, Janet and I departed the hotel in Pitlochry and headed north, not really knowing where we might end up.  En route, Janet decided she would like to see the Caledonian Canal – the shipping canal that connects Fort William to the North Sea by way of Loch Lochy, Loch Oich and Loch Ness, providing North Sea fishermen a safe inland route avoiding the stormy seas to the east and west of Scotland.
Dalwhinnie Distillery
While driving towards the canal, we passed through the village of Dalwhinnie – home of the Dalwhinnie Distillery.  Guess what we did next.  After the distillery tour, we continued to head west to the Caledonian Canal, passing through the hamlet of Gairlochy.
There, I recognized the Dalcomera B&B, run by Heather and Nick Shore, where I stayed last year.  Wow, a chance for another reunion!!   You may remember the day from last year as being rainy, and my cold running full force.  Heather wasn’t expecting anybody to ring her doorbell at noon today, but she immediately remembered me.  After all, I probably came close to consuming all of Heather’s and Nick’s supply of Kleenex last year.  In any event, Heather was as gracious as always, and quickly brewed some tea, served in the garden.
Heather, Nick and Lost-a-lot
Heather and Nick are very knowledgeable about northern Scotland, and when I asked for a recommendation, they quickly responded that we should head for the Moray Firth east of Inverness – and not only because it was far from Gairlochy.  Specifically, they suggested Findhorn as a little fishing village with wonderful seafood.  There were no accommodations available in Findhorn, so Janet and I ended up at a lovely hotel in Forres, five miles from Findhorn.
In the hotel’s car park, I noticed an elegantly restored Chrysler 75.  Nobody was around, so I couldn’t get any information on her.  She had the largest, shiniest, most attractive headlights I’ve ever seen.  I couldn’t tell if they were original, but if not, they were marvelous reproductions.  In any event, it's not something that you can actually ask a girl about. The wooden spokes on the wheels were absolutely superb – just imagine air swirling through the spokes as the wheels spin.  The leather trunk on the rear was just crying out to be stroked.  Oh, my goodness; I think I’m falling in love again.

(c) 2012 Ken Klug


  1. That is a beautiful car indeed, a bit shapelier than Nora! There goes your roaming eyes again.....

  2. Nice to get started in the morning with no particular plan, only to encounter another reunion. I've noticed a lot of people seem to remember you.

    I can see why you fell in love again. However, I doubt Nora Too! cares about the curves of your latest. After all, she's a pretty powder blue.

    Weather appears to be holding out.


    1. Yes, I can see now that I was seduced by her glamour. Her basic black, chrome, and hard lines are far too formal for me. She would be perfect for attending the theatre or the charity ball, but she is inappropriate for sojourns to the beach or trailhead. She's more suited for a tuxedoed companion than one wearing Gore-Tex. Besides, she's also to large for me to handle on narrow, twisting roads. Nora Too! has nicer lines and a more attractive dispostion. I'll need to better control my roving eye.

    2. I'm sure Nora Too! knew you'd be back. After all, she got a rose.


  3. A Rose is forever ...................... no matter who else comes along!! I am getting used to Ken's foolish ways; no control!!

    Nora Too!
    (with the nices lines and attractive disposition!!)