Adventure starts mid-July, 2012

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

This posting will self-destruct on or about August 25.

Church in Forres
Some years ago, a mountain guide I know, who is also a great writer, told me that nobody wants to read about the ordinary mountain climb.  He said that unless you have a near-death experience, nobody’s interested.  Fortunately for me, last year’s walk involved a “near-death” or some other exciting experience every day, so I had plenty to write about.  The past two days have been ordinary, so all I’m going to do is update you on our progress and show a few pictures.  I’m doing this because we will be without internet connection for the next two days in Edinburgh.  Then, Ann, George, Janet and I will set out to walk the St. Cuthbert’s Way from Melrose to Lindisfarne (also known as Holy Island).  We’ll be returning to a rented cottage each evening, but it has no internet connection.
I’m sure we’ll have a few interesting tales to write about on our walk, but I won’t be able to post them until August 25.

Nelson's Tower, Forres

So to update you on our progress to date:  On Monday, Janet and I drove along “The Malt Whisky Trail” and visited several distilleries.  We then returned to Forres, and walked through the town’s lovely gardens.  Today, we drove east and south through Aberdeen and St. Andrews, and now we are in Dunfermline.  The weather was bad today, so we got out of the car only a few times.  If I go into any more detail than I’ve just done, I would have to tell you what I had for breakfast, and nobody’s interested in that.  As I said, we have nothing to write about.  Here are some pictures, but this posting will self-destruct on or about August 25, when we return to Ann’s and George’s home and I hope to have something interesting to post.

Forres Park in Bloom
Wooden Piper
By the way, if you haven’t noticed, we’ve aborted our plans to continue on to John O’Groats, just like I did last year.  The area north of Inverness is mostly bleak and uninteresting, and driving all the way north on a boring road doesn’t make any sense.  Instead, we decided to be tourists and see some nice scenery.  For any of you who may have expected us to drive to Watten so I could walk the final 20 miles to John O’Groats, I should reiterate what I wrote last year about not being disappointed about the conclusion.  Besides, some things are better left unfinished.  Ask Schubert.

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  1. Hope you are having lots of fun with Ann and George. See you when you get back on US soil.

  2. You accomplished everything you set out to do with this trip-- reunions with the special people you met last year.


  3. I have been thinking of you all in an area that I am familiar with. I have been twice to Holy Island and can recommend The Barn at Beal, a Visitor Centre, which is a small hamlet immediately before you reach the causeway to the Island. It is also a Bird of Prey centre (on a small scale) and I have camped there, in their coach car park, waking up to the splendid view to Holy Island and over to Bamburgh Castle; loved it! They do great meals and coffee and cake ................ mmmmmmhhh, I am there already!! Have fun!!

    Youts always, Nora Too!