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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Friday, August 3, 2012 – Thwaite

Keith had shown us on the map a lovely 8-mile loop walk from Thwaite to Keld, then to Muker and back to Thwaite.  The route gave Janet the opportunity to walk 3 miles of the Pennine Way and 4 miles of the Coast to Coast path – thus adding two more paths to her portfolio.
On Pennine Way towards Keld
With dark skies overhead, but little threat of rain, we set off for Keld.  We quickly ascended the hills outside of Thwaite, providing lovely views of Swaledale.  The footpath was muddy and rocky – a good introduction to the Pennine Way, which always seems to be one or the other. 
Cows on the Path
We passed dozens of sheep along the way, but when cows appeared on the trail, Janet had to confront her worst fears – at least until we get up to Scotland and encounter the Highland cattle.  You remember – the fuzzy ones with the big horns.  But these cows were docile, and Janet walked right through them as if she had been a dairy maid all her life.
Kisdon Force
From Keld, the Pennine Way passed Kisdon Force, a pretty little waterfall, and then crossed the Coast to Coast path, on which we turned towards Muker.  Outside of Muker we met two walkers, Ian and Keith (not the gamekeeper in Thwaite).  We had passed them earlier, as they were following the same route we were walking, only in the reverse direction.

Ian and Keith
We arrived back in Thwaite about 20 minutes before the rain arrived, and enjoyed cappuccinos under the umbrella of the tea room’s patio.

(c) 2012 Ken Klug


  1. A couple of those cows look a bit too interested in Janet.

    Good pics, but I'm still waiting for some of the docile sheep.


  2. Wow, you made good tracks while I was gone. Janet among cows...priceless! This time around the weather is very nice.
    Have fun.